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Bounce Back

Brad Sells
Sep 9, 2019

Life is a double-edged sword, there is positive and negative energy that collides within us all when it comes to our own psychological needs. Many times, in life we are given negative moments that knock us down and make us feel unworthy to what we believe in. Many of you have had difficulties that have brought you to a place in life where you can no longer see the blessings of life. The word abuse means improper or excessive use of treatment or force, and on our journey through life, we may face many forms of emotional abuse or even abuse others. Abusive people, or predators, seek out those who are tender-hearted and unaware to the evil that exists to target them. When a predator hunts for its prey, the sole purpose is to take advantage and abuse it for their own survival. Your predator may come in the form of light, or even angelic light, they will mask their identity in anyway possible to deceive you. Predators know what they are looking for as well as knowing what mask to put on to show you that they are indeed your friend not your enemy, but unbeknownst to you, the wolf in sheep clothing is only assigned to you for destruction. The power of destruction from a narcissist is to steal, kill, and destroy your self-worth and value. Life is a double-edged sword and when evil targets us we must Flip our Scripts and show evil that it has lost its power and purpose.

Here are some life coaching techniques to overcome the abuse of a narcissist:

  1. Know who the real enemy is: When a narcissist targets your life, no matter how powerful and no matter how much destruction they may cause, you have the power to restore your soul and start to live again. We do not live in a world where we battle flesh and blood, rather, we wrestle against psychological and emotional disorders. For believers there is another battle in the spiritual realm where evil persists to keep us knocked down and destroyed. It is crucial that you understand the predator that targeted you was an individual who was tangled and caught in the evil snares of narcissism. Once you know that narcissism was the tool that controlled your predator, then you gain understanding that the abuse came from a higher power; narcissism controls us we do not control it. Often, we blame the individual and not what was wrong with the individual, it all starts with desire of thought or a perverted emotion of the heart.
  2. Protect your environment: Once you overcome all the hurt and pain you experienced it is crucial that you get back on the horse and begin to live again. When life throws negative abuse from a narcissist your way, do not stay down (that is exactly what that predator wanted), renew your mind and look forward to a better day, plan on restructuring your life, and begin to walk in faith once again. Once you begin to step out of the boat and start walking, make sure you walk with a shield of protection around you, psychologically as well as emotionally. Evil will always exist and try to knock you down, so be wise and protect yourself, only allow people in your life that you know have your back and pay attention to those who may be trying to take advantage of your well-being.
  3. Forgive yourself: Forgiveness is a huge part in healing from all forms of abuse and it is important to hold yourself accountable. Let’s be honest, we did not want to see differently or even begin to look at the warning signs, so we trusted the narcissist. By choosing to forgive ourselves we begin to put up the right kind of wall that will protect us on our journey. The predator needs to be held accountable for their dishonesty, but we also need to hold ourselves accountable for following a path of deceit. By recognizing this, we will learn from our mistakes and gain the knowledge to protect our minds and hearts in the future. There is freedom in forgiving ourselves and once we begin to forgive ourselves, we can move forward on forgiving life for allowing us to be targeted. Then we can begin to understand and forgive our predator because they are also victims of evil in the form of selfishness and narcissism.
It is important to begin to allow your soul to heal, restore, and forgive. Once you have completed your healing, begin to trust GOD’s love will always be there to guide you through every season you face. Do not allow narcissism to win. Begin to bounce back and show the evil snares of this life you are an overcomer, you are moving forward to a better purpose in life, and you will not be destroyed because you have God on your side.
Brad Sells
Brad Sells is a licensed faith-based counselor and has worked in the counseling field since 2010.

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