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Dangers of Jealousy

Brad Sells
Jun 29, 2020

One of the best teachings in the gospels is in the Lord’s Prayer, “deliver us from evil”. There is a power of evil desire that every predator is looking for. Evil desire comes in many forms and fashions, but one of its strongest personality traits is JEALOUSY. Jealousy is resentment or desire against another's success or advantage itself.  No one prepares us for the snares and evil emotions in this world.  We are taught many lessons in life and one of those life lessons is to be aware of mean-spirited people. Just like love has the power to influence the way we think and feel, jealousy does as well, and we need to know if we are giving jealousy too much of a place in our spirits. We need to hold our emotions accountable and challenge ourselves to the transformative idea of feeling secure in our own skin.

Why do we desire to be like others? Is it because life has not been fair? Or maybe we do not like ourselves enough? Here are some practical tools in knowing if DESIRE OF JEALOUSY is guiding us.

  1. Ego- Do you feel that you are entitled to a better life? We are quick to judge others when we see them out-shining us. We get bitter and try to conform to their lifestyle to enjoy their riches or we stir up so much anger we start to falsely accuse them of lying and stealing. Let us be honest for a bit, wicked-minded people have many blessings in their lives, they seem to always come out on top, while some of us who deserve happiness will struggle our whole lives. This is jealousy and it is targeting you. It wants to steal your joy and security in life as being the blessing you were created to be. Do not allow your ego to tell you that you are worthy as someone else, that is not true. You were created for your riches and blessings, and your purpose on earth was never to take on someone else’s identity. If you are unsatisfied with life’s blessings, do not allow the desire of jealousy to start leading the way for your life. Hold your thoughts accountable and find the strength to rise from jealousy and feel secure living in your own skin and identity in who GOD and life created you to be.
  2. Self-Esteem- Jealousy starts early on in life as it targets our hearts from early childhood. It is easy, in such a busy life, to look at we and feel unworthy or not attractive or cool enough to have people like us… after all how can others respect us when we are not even respecting ourselves? Our hearts can be very deceitful tools that may cause low self-esteem to the point we feel unvalued and unloved that we begin to get resentful towards others. Jealousy in the heart can lead to depression, in life negative emotions do not work alone, they come as a team and with desire of jealousy and looking inward with so much disrespect towards yourself is the start of the game. Jealousy can steal your joy, value and self-worth and by forgetting that we are created in the image of GOD, we forget we are of value and are worthy of respecting our self and others. Life may have thrown every dart possible at you with every form of sufferings, and that has caused you to look at yourself and compare your life to other’s. Jealousy is a very dark power of negative and unhealthy emotions that wants you to feel worthless, unloved, unwanted, unvalued, and believe there is no point to your life. You must take a hold of that power and work like an ox plowing a field to restore the truth in your heart and restore your self-esteem.
  3. Your Purpose- Jealousy will not lead you to fulfill your purpose or walk a secure foundational life. I believe with all sincerity, life is like a game of chess; we have love and we have hated, we are nice, and we are mean, we have days of joy and we have days of sadness. When it comes to your purpose in life there are many duties to take into consideration, we have a duty to provide for ourselves and our families, we have duties in our friendships and romantic relationships. One of our purposes in life is to gauge our knowledge of will and desire of good and to evolve in those characters and shine as much light and hope to a very dark and cruel world. Jealousy will come like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, someone or something to trust so it can have power over you. Jealousy starts as an environment that appeals itself to you by making you feel that you are on the right path with life. Then it removes its mask and targets you by making you feel like your purpose in life is pointless from the start. We live in a world where good and bad energy need their power to live. It is very important to make sure you are not lurking in the shadows, waiting to destroy someone’s identity just because you desire their purpose more than you desire your own. Remember we live in a time of emotional and psychological warfare; we must hold our actions accountable and renew our minds and our spirits. We are put on this earth for good not for harm.

In closing I want to encourage all of you that Jealousy is a normal emotion to have but once jealousy take root in your mind, heart, and actions in life, it has its power. Let us hold ourselves accountable, check ourselves and renew our minds and hearts, and surrender that desire of jealousy over to GOD. Believe in yourself no matter how bad life has been, begin to trust again by finding your own secure path to shine in, and allow your heart and mind to rise out of the ashes of pain and suffering that birthed jealousy to begin with. We were all created for good and not harm, God Bless you all.

Brad Sells
Brad Sells is a licensed faith-based counselor and has worked in the counseling field since 2010.

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