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Higher Thoughts

Brad Sells
May 7, 2019
One of the biggest enemies we face in a fallen sin world is the tool and the power that is in our minds. As we journey through life, we come against all kinds of giants that are out to destroy us and their object of assignment is to destroy our self-esteem. We may have had all kinds of bad breaks in life trying to beat us down and make us feel unwanted, unloved, feeling like there is no purpose to life. Here are some tools that I encourage all of us to use to flip the assignments of evil and start feeling better with ourselves.

Meditation - It is very important to take a break from all the negative atmosphere that is targeting you and get alone to meditate and think on higher faith. One of the best tools of faith is evidence not seen, you may not feel it today or in a week but if you work daily to create a positive atmosphere and start to align your thoughts of a survivor you will see those negative emotions start to break and eventually fall off. It is important to create an atmosphere and allow GOD’S love to step in and bring peace to crush that negativity off, it is time to LIVE AGAIN you’re not defeated you are a conqueror and you’re going higher.

Start trusting life again - Trust is a huge power and after being abused and hurt we see no reason to trust. In this world we will all face all kinds of evil in being betrayed, being a predator’s target, it is important to remember we do not wrestle against flesh and blood the true assignment to destroy you was rejection and the purpose was to steal your spirit from having trust. If you begin to think higher and believe higher and align yourself in a positive heartbeat and state of mind you will eventually start to align with atmosphere energy that will provide you with a life that will protect you and love you. Remind rejection that it lost its battle and you will trust deeper, give love stronger and protect your borders from all forces of evil, choose trust and watch rejection lost it purpose.

Renew your spirit - You were targeted by a predator everything you believed was true was really a lie and now you fear and put yourself in an isolated place where no one can hurt you. We have all faced those dark day my friends, the trick is not allowing the pain that was sent to destroy you succeed. Take time for yourself go out and enjoy life, get around friends and environments that make you feel good about yourself, spend time journaling or exercising, anything you need to do to start feeling alive again. Take one step at a time to start enjoying your new journey with life, dust off that betrayal that hurt and pain and get to living again, you may not feel the joy at first but keep going one step at a time your going to make it, it is a new day a new season of life, it is time live again.

Forgive -This will be one the biggest and most important tools to move on from the deficit of pain. You often hear at times forgiveness is for you and yes that is true, but there is another tool in forgiveness and that is to forgive yourself and life allowing you to go through your pain of deficit. Forgiveness is a process that cannot be done in one minute and snap of a finger, when the soul is crushed down to ashes it takes time to get back up again. One of the first steps in the forgiveness process is to forgive life and the purpose of even facing the day of evil that came against you. Then you need to forgive your predator and understand that evil emotion inside your predator is the real enemy it is not even the person but the emotion that targeted you. It is a process to take one minute at a time, you may tell yourself I forgive but in 5 minutes you may be bitter again, that is ok remember it is a process to walk out. It may take five months or even five years to let go of that pain but tell yourself daily today I am struggling to forgive but a day is coming to where this pain no longer has power over me, I think higher about myself and I know that the GOD of the universe loves me and in that power of love I will find a way to forgive and move forward with life and enjoy my days ahead of me.

In Closing I want to encourage all of you who are facing obstacles in life right now that have you thinking you are not wanted, loved, but I want to encourage you to wake up every morning and start thinking higher, I am going to make it, this assignment is not going to destroy me, I am a fighter and I will rise out of these ashes and start a new journey with a new attitude I have conquered and I am going higher.

Brad Sells
Brad Sells is a licensed faith-based counselor and has worked in the counseling field since 2010.

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