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Brad Sells
Jul 16, 2019


‍The word recover literally means to RETURN to a normal state of health, mind or strength. How do we as individuals recover from an incident that broke our souls so deeply? In life we will be faced with many obstacles of evil that is set out to destroy us, friends will turn on you, loved ones will mock you, or life betrays you at a cost so high that it formed depression, anger, pain. When life gives you lemons, you can use these life coaching skills to OVERCOME your situation and begin to recover your self-worth.

Return to Truth - It is true that in life not everyone is your friend, we live in a world where selfishness is our number one priority. There is power in the word TRUTH, it sets us free, it protects us, and shields us from life’s lemons. The first step to walking in truth is to know your enemy and begin to create a strategy to overcome all the forces of evil that were shot at you. We do not wrestle against flesh and blood, we first must know who the real enemy is, whether it is selfishness, anger, rage, loneliness, or despair. Know your enemy and then prepare a battlefield(combine) of recovery to flip your script and begin to trust life again. It all starts with the power of the mind, wake up every day, let yesterday go, and tell yourself “I will live again I will be blessed in a foundation of encouragers, I am strong and courageous, and my Savior’s love walks with me every step that I go.” Speak to your mountain and begin to step out of the boat and RECOVER your value and self-worth one again.  

Return to Faith and Hope - Faith and Hope are two of the most powerful resources we can ever have. Faith and Hope both have the power to help you believe in things that have not yet been seen. Today may be one of the hardest days of your life, depression could be an all-time high, loneliness very well could be your best friend and suicide appears to be your only option. Life has not been fair or easy and how does one overcome and recover when life has nothing to offer but sad and lonely days? First, you must take one step at a time, you might not feel victorious overnight, but the key is to take the initial leap of faith and move to taking all the negative energy and flipping it to positive. Fight the good fight of faith, put your faith in GOD because He is always with us and will never fail us, man might have failed you but GOD is not man. He is the all-powerful that can take our trials and lead us into the land of joy. You also must have faith in yourself, believe in yourself and humble yourself so no matter what is happening in your world, you are stronger and prepared for anything that may cause harm against you. Hope for better days by taking one step towards your emotional healing, look up and towards the goals of finding joy, love, compassion and healing.  

RETURN to Love - Love is the most powerful tool to heal the soul, I am not talking about love from another human being, I am speaking of the Father’s love that is all-powerful in the universe. So many times, we see love as an emotion or an attraction between two people, although that is all true, love is much deeper and powerful. Love changes your atmosphere it can guide you, protect you and secure your foundation and bring you self-worth and self-confidence that no individual ever could. Love is not selfish, no matter what obstacles you are facing in grief, loss, or heartache, love did not provide that towards you, evil did. Restoring and allowing love to recover your pain comes at a price of humbleness and rising out of the ashes of despair. Life may have thrown curve balls that you should have never faced but if you apply love over your mind, soul, and your heart you will begin to see life fulfillment again. LOVE wins and restores all that was stolen, trust and begin to love life and yourself once again.

Brad Sells
Brad Sells is a licensed faith-based counselor and has worked in the counseling field since 2010.

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