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What is your mask?

Brad Sells
Higher Thoughts
Jun 29, 2020

The word mask means a covering or a disguise.

In the emotional realm of our DNA, we often mask ourselves for negative purposes to get ahead or feel accepted in life. When we mask our identity, we lay down who we really are, and why do we do that? Is it to follow the popular crowd? Is it to feel wanted and accepted? Do we secretly hate ourselves? Maybe we are jealous of others and their fortune of blessings and feel entitled to their path. Maybe you have been targeted by someone who masked themselves as your friend or someone of trust, and in the end, they were really assigned to your life to bring destruction.

We live in a world where people play narcissistic mind games to control and manipulate for power. I do believe that hurting people hurt people, but I also believe certain people just have manipulating agendas to bring people down. Bullying is a sick and evil action and is assigned to destroy your self-worth and targets your value. If you have been targeted by someone who was sent to destroy you and your value, it is very important that you do not allow their purpose to win.

In our journey through life we live between positive and negative energy, good vs evil emotions. It is easy to be selfish, full of hate, bitter and envy. To walk in love and humbleness is a challenge because it is not of human nature to practice being full of love, hope, and faith or trying to get along with all mankind. When someone you have been walking in life with flips their script and is no longer a reflection of their positive identity, then you need to believe them and not justify for them. A person of love will not flip their script to hatred, discord, or malice emotions. But when a predator who is trying to gain power no longer feels they have their power, then they will drop their mask of love, friendship, honesty, and integrity because they no longer can play with those deck of cards. We were taught that love is an emotion but, love is a power that changes us for the better, love is not selfish or manipulative, love does not betray or switch identity for the popular crowd.

Do not make the mistake I made in thinking the house or worship if full of genuine and sincere souls, in fact I saw more hypocrites in the church than outside of the church. People wear masks all over this world and you will find masked up people not practicing what they preach in church. When do we learn as people to be loving and graceful to all mankind? If you right now have a hateful spirit towards anyone, then you are the one that needs to fix your soul. Quit thinking that you have the right to control the atmosphere to fit your emotional standards. We need to rise out of the ashes of hatred, bullying, self-seeking mentality, and we need to FLIP OUR SCRIPTS and become a world that is more loving, forgiving and nurturing to one another. Here are three masks we wear as a society.

Mask of Selfishness: Our society believes that we are entitled to be the best and have the best no matter the cost. When individuals are full of pride and ego, they are truly very insecure spirits that need to renew their minds to feeling comfortable in their own skin. Selfish mentality people have an assignment to benefit from one party and one party only, and you guessed it themselves. Predators know how to mask themselves and who to look for so they can fulfill their selfish agenda to benefit their own lives. Predators know how to mask their words, actions, and emotions to get into your soul, so you feel that you have a buddy, a lover, or a soul mate that is a blessing. Individuals in church mask themselves to appear holy and loving while in worship but after the service is over they go off and start mocking people and laughing about others while all the while they were sitting in a church pew masking themselves as people of love. In the workforce people mask themselves to get to the top and they will befriend whoever they need to win to get that promotion of success. If you are in the way or if you or not the one to help get benefits for them then you will be bullied, mocked, and mistreated if the powers that be does not like you, same goes for your co-workers. Selfish-masked individuals only flow to a beat that benefits their own lives.

Mask of Jealousy: Insecure people are very dangerous to be around. Jealousy is a very deep and dark emotion, that is set to destroy your environment. Jealous minded people cannot mask themselves for long, there is a lot of hatred in someone who is jealous, and they unmask themselves very quickly to destroy an environment they are not benefitting from. Predators with a jealous spirit set out to steal, kill, and destroy someone else’s foundation. They feel entitled to your blessings and they will mask themselves to have what you have until they no longer feel they need you or your world to benefit their needs. Another reason jealous-minded soul target people are also due to the fact they have a possession of pride in thinking they can have ownership in your life. Often negative energy people have an agenda, and it is to create negativity where there is none. When someone is jealous of you, they are either going to bring destruction or possession to your world. When someone wants to own you instead of befriending you, they will mask themselves as someone that appears to be just like you. They will act, look, and appear like you share a lot of similarities when they want your world because your world looks better than the world they have. Jealous people are some of the most double-minded individuals and if they want your world, they will mask themselves to everything you need them to be so you will trust and let them in. You will know if you are keeping company with a jealous individual if they try to destroy your foundation by making you feel that you need to lose certain friends and change your environment. The mask of a jealous individual makes you appear as a benefit to their lives, but they feel threatened when you share your time with others. Mask of jealous-spirited people have a two-way assignment in your life; to destroy or to own your world.

Mask of Control: Controlling people are some of the most narcissistic, egotistical know it all’s. Control is one of the strongest and most toxic tools of negative powers in our universe. Control is opposite from the spirit of grace. Graceful people are genuine, sincere, loving, and kind in pretty much every atmosphere you are a part of. But on the flip side of grace you have control and yes control can be a positive and a negative tool. Positive control comes in the form of self-control and staying away from all toxic environments. But here we are talking about the negative side of control, which is condescending, hatred, and discord with evil emotions. Controlling people must control the environment to fit their standards, selfish needs, and desires. Controlling people know how to mask their identity to appear as people of peace, fun, and love on the outside, but inside their spirit is nothing but wicked heartbeats. Controlling people are predators that look for the weak and timid spirited people, when they find a weak person out there, they move in fast. Why are people so controlling you might wonder? Good question - and living in a fallen world you operate between two emotions good and bad. Bad emotions are set out to destroy your happiness and steal your value and make you lose respect for yourself as well as the gift of life. Controlling spirited people are very toxic and wicked but they will mask themselves as someone fun and exciting until they get the power and control, they are after. Often when people look for a lover or a soul mate, they mask themselves as fun loving family minded individuals. Once you give into their power and fall for the mask they have, they will remove their mask a little at a time to reveal an introverted, uncaring, and even sarcastic cutthroat opinionated butthead. Of course, they did not want you to see that side, because who in their right mind would trust that spirit? They needed to mask themselves in appearing good while the whole time they are cold hearted and even wicked.

Masks are manipulative tools individual use for their own agenda. Life could be compared to a stage play, every day is a day to perform for your job, your family, and your church. Which character are you going to choose to play?

A character that may not get the popular road, or the character that can steal and destroy someone else’s world? This life was never created to be toxic but living in a world where there are evil intentions inside our hearts will always lead us astray. Good and Evil is knocking at our doors, let us not answer the door of selfishness, jealousy, or control. Look to renew your mind and Flip Your Script making your life the best you can for yourself with where you are at this moment. Life may not be going fair for you right now, but if you choose to live a life of peace and strive for your blessings, you might be able to get ahead of those who “had more” than you in the first place. True riches are not of the material needs of this world, they are rooted in love, peace, and grace.

Brad Sells
Brad Sells is a licensed faith-based counselor and has worked in the counseling field since 2010.

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